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About us​

GCEG is a privately held small business company with locations in Oak Ridge, TN , Philadelphia, PA and Seattle, WA and is composed of experienced professionals who have excelled in supplying consultant services to various U.S. government agencies throughout the world with target areas such as:

  • Domestic and International Export Controls
    • Course development and training for Customs, Licensing Officials, and Exporters (identification and classification of controlled nuclear, missile, chemical and biological commodities, including “catch-all” controls)
    • Technical support for export licensing agencies (technical review of and training associated with export licensing applications using end use and end user evaluation techniques)
    • Development of export compliance programs with enterprise outreach to reach exporters of controlled commodities and technology (internal compliance and commodity classification)
  • Global trade solutions
    • International Relations and Business Development
  • Customs and border security training
  • Green-border security training
  • Business and management solutions
  • Nuclear nonproliferation and international safeguards
  • Nuclear decommissioning
    • Facility or project Audists and Assessments
  • Uranium enrichment solutions
  • Chemical and biological controls and safety
  • Missile technology control and nonproliferation programs

Our consulting group is comprised of individual technical experts who have supported numerous government agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Energy, State and Commerce and other government agencies, as well as major corporations such as Battelle, Bechtel, Boeing, DuPont, Fluor, Lockheed Martin, and Union Carbide.  Our core team of experts includes: a mechanical engineer with 30 years of experience working at U.S. Department of Energy nuclear facilities and with 10 years of experience reviewing U.S. export licenses and teaching export controls in over 70 international workshops; a 30-year U.S. Customs Service veteran with 15 years additional experience supporting USG nonproliferation programs in Europe and Asia; a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and DOS Green Border Advisor with over 30 years of experience; an associate professor from the University of Washington with 25 years of industrial export compliance experience in missile and aerospace field; a chemical engineer with 40 years of experience in chemical and semi-conductor industries, who also teaches chemical industrial safety internationally; and other specialists who provide consultant services in biological sciences, export compliance expertise in ITAR and EAR regulations and business management solutions.  

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